After releasing his debut album, Expose Yourself, in 2012, one may say that the Grammy-nominated songwriter took a break from the performing artist platform to write hits for other artists such as Joe. Although, his fans still boast that they listen to his first CD on a regular basis, it’s been a while since AG released music with his voice. But he has not lost the desire to tell his own story with his own voice. Actually, there’s a new passion and fire that has been building since his first release, and it will be on full display with his new single, “By Myself” featuring Ruben Studdard.

We’re not going to give away all the juicy details just yet, but let’s just say that this one will truly inspire you in so many ways. AG’s delivery on this record comes from a more painful and convicted place than the smooth and sexy tone of “Expose Yourself.” This one has a blend of Sam Cooke and Al Green all up in it. And joining Alvin is his long-time friend, Ruben Studdard, with an accompanying performance that will surely light a fire.

Everyone that has heard the song has claimed its going to be a hit. Stay tuned and we hope you feel the same.